Parsons Trading Ltd values the importance of sustainable and ethical farming of cocoa beans. We are members of Fairtrade, UTZ and Organic which are all well-established certification bodies that are recognised by the market.  

We are involved with manufacturers who can be considered pioneers in processing sustainable and ethical cocoa. Please see the below video from our cocoa partner ECOM on their sustainability project SMS. Contact us for more details. 

Fairtrade Foundation
Fairtrade is a simple way to make a difference to the lives of the people who grow the things we love. They do this by changing the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fair deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.  
UTZ - Better Farming, Better Future

Their mission is to create a world where sustainable farming is the norm. Sustainable farming helps farmers, workers and their families to fulfil their ambitions and contributes to safeguard the world’s resources, now and in the future.  

Soil Association
The organic symbol means you can be certain that what you buy has been produced to the highest standards. Organic means less pesticides, no preservatives or artificial colours, no GM ingredients and the highest standards of animal welfare. All organic farms and manufacturing companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law.