We offer a full range of cocoa powders

Supplying to Industrial Food Manufacturers, Bakers, Confectioners & more!

We are involved in many different sustainable programmes


We stock our products in our UK based warehouse

and pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast and reliable service

Cocoa Products

We supply a wide range of Cocoa
products including Powders
Butter and Liquor.

Drinking Chocolates

We include a range of drinking
chocolates offering add water
or add milk options.

Instant Coffees

We offer a range of instant
coffees including Agglomerated,
Spray-Dried and Freeze-Dried.

About Us

Parsons Trading Ltd is a leading supplier of cocoa products across the UK and Ireland. It is a family owned company which was started back in 1989. The company was founded on the principles of offering great value and excellent customer service. Parsons Trading provides the finest of products to a wide customer base from major manufacturers, down to small independent businesses. Parsons are actively involved with major sustainability programmes such as UTZ, Organic and Fairtrade.