About us

Parsons Trading Limited was created and founded by Robert Parsons in 1989.  Established as a Food Ingredients Broker in Slough but moving in 1990 to Purton in Wiltshire  where the company operated until 2006.

In 2006 larger premises were required and a move to Kingsdown in Swindon.  Within 4 years it was clear that PTL had outgrown the offices and another move to larger premises in Swindon.

2011 saw PTL moving into Dorcan Business Village which is located within minutes of junction 15 of the M4 and just off the A419 for routes north.

January 2011 brought John Griffiths to PTL as the new Managing Director.  John brings a wealth of knowledge of the cocoa markets.

In 2016 Parsons Trading Limited moved to new premises at 1 Elgar Business Village, Hallow, Worcester.  

Core Business

PTL act on behalf of manufacturers & suppliers as an Agent & Representative offering bulk quantities of Cocoa Products, Beverage Powders and Vanilla Pods.

Cocoa Products are the core element of the business with cocoa powder being the main product, supplied to distributors, manufacturers and small users across the UK and Ireland.

We are proud to have a working relationship with Euromar Commodities GmbH being their sole distributor of  ECP cocoa powders, ECB cocoa butter & ECM cocoa mass (liquor).  www.euromar.de

Euromar hold certifications being BRC approved, Kosher Halal, HACCP & ISO-9001.

Euromar are also members of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Suesswaren Industrie, the Federation of Cocoa Commerce and the World Cocoa Foundation, taking seriously their role in advancing the interests of the cocoa and confectionery industries from farmer through to consumer.

PTL supply a range of ingredients to multi-national manufacturers & food companies to also include: sports nutrition, vending operators, caterers & packers and cosmetic & hygiene.

PTL's skill & knowledge in the market place enables us to source many other products to fulfil our customer's requirements in the food manufacturing, cosmetic & HoReCa marketplace. 

PTL are Fairtrade Registered and offer Fairtrade cocoa powder -

PTL offer a personal service to all our customers.  Our staff are dedicated to offer the best service and work as an efficient and friendly team.  We pride ourselves for the many 'hats' we all wear in particular the one which has 'miracle department' on it.  


  • What do we do - we concentrate on one core product - cocoa and in particular cocoa powder, which enables us to offer to a wide marketplace and satisfy customers needs. 
  • For whom do we do it - all users of bulk quantities of cocoa products (from 25kg bag upwards to multi tonne contracts).  Manufacturers, Industry and Suppliers of bakery sundries.
  • How do we excel - We are a small team so we all know what each are doing, we communicate well with our customers, we are not distracted by having a wide range of products on a portfolio, we know the market place to keep prices competitive.
  • By being who we are, we do not need expensive overheads and large offices to be able to service the UK and Ireland at the level we are at No. 2 supplier of cocoa powder.

Specialising in: 
Cocoa Powder / Cocoa Butter / Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Liquor ) to include Fairtrade Cocoa Powder 

Private Label & Plain Label Packaging: 
Instant & Freeze Dried Coffee / Hot Chocolate Drinks available in Single Serve Sachets/ Retail Packs (Combi Tins, Tubs & Jars)/ Catering Tubs & Pillow Packs/ Bulk Bags

Additional Products:
Vanilla Pods - Bulk Quantities - 20kgs / Carob Powder

Food Manufacturing Markets - Supplying single 25kg bags of Cocoa upwards to multi tonne contracts.
Branded Manufacturing/ Bakers/ Dairy & Ice Cream/ Flavour Extractors/ Spice Retailers
Cocoa/ Cocoa Butter/ Cocoa Mass (Liquor)/ Couverture/ Inclusions/ Food Powders/ Compounds/ Vanilla Pods

Cosmetic & Hygiene Markets - Supplying to non food manufacturing markets - single boxes and upwards - contracts available
Soap Manufacturers/Dental & Health/ Creams, Lotions & Potions/ Essence Extractors
Cocoa Butter/ Vanilla Pods

Beverage Industry - Supplying full range of packaging,  single serve sachets & sticks, retail & catering tubs/ tins/ jars, pillow packs and bulk bags.  Bespoke recipes available for private label contracts.  Minimum pallet orders upwards to containers
HoReCa Markets (Hotel, Vending, Catering) 
Coffee (instant, freeze dried, agglomerated)/  Whiteners/  Hot Chocolate drinks (milk, white, toffee, mocha)/  Cappuccino/  Latte/ Mochachino/  Chai Tea /  Iced Teas & Coffee/ 

Packaging Industries:  
Vending, Catering, Retail
Loose beverage powders for repacking supplied as Bulk Bags/ Containers/ Bespoke Recipes.  Vanilla Pods.


1989 _______________  - Grays Place, Slough

1990 _______________  -  Purton, Swindon

2006 ________________       - Kingsdown, Swindon

2011 ________________    - Dorcan, Swindon

2012 ________________      Parsons Trading Ltd  - Dorcan, Swindon

 The Future ___________